Death Note is once in a century anime.Most people including me searched for several animes out there which is similar to Death Note.But my friend let me tell you there ain’t a single anime which could match the level set by Death Note.

STORY: It’s a story of Light Yagami who gets a hold of BOOK “The Death Note”. It gives him the ability to kill with a swipe of a pen! The concept is unique. The story revolves around various themes like Justice, Gods and Mind Games. The most prevalent theme was Justice. Light induces justice to the world by exterminating all criminals, murderers and rapists from the surface of the planet. L, on the other hand chases Light and want to stop him from killing people. The story is EPIC.
Overall its a must watch for every anime fan. If you like psychological thrillers/mind blowing stuff, Death Note is made for you.

Why Death Note is so popular?

Death Note is popular because it involves an amazing rivalry involving mind games and forethought. A genius criminal(LightYagami) who has an ability to kill anyone by just writing their name in a book(DeathNote) and a genius Detective(Anonymous) whose identity is unknown so he can not be killed by Light Yagami.

Light Yagami on the other hand always is a step ahead, never leaves a clue. Since no one knows who the criminal is and how he kills people, Light Yagami can kill anyone while sitting in the public and gathering witnesses that he is innocent.

Death Note is a legendary series of episodes, a speechless anime, full of surprises and strategies.

In one word Death Note is a GEM!

Now let me Introduce you to few of the Famous characters of this anime.

LIGHT YAGAMI-He is the protagonist who turned into antagonist with causing the deaths of government officials whom he considered  threat . The name Kira was created by the public in response to Light Yagami’s initial use of the Death Note, and various members of the public view Kira as a god. Various Death Note users act as Kira, but their identities are unknown to the public so their actions are viewed as being committed by one entity.In the Kira investigation, several differences in methods of killing are profiled, so they determine that more than one person is acting as Kira.

L-He is another Death Note protagonist who takes the task of hunting down the mysterious serial killer known by the name “kira”.He was the one of the very few people who had the ability to compete with Light Yagami in this game of DEATH!.

RYUK-He is a bored Shinigami (a Japanese god of death) that drops a Death Note, a notebook that allows the user to kill anyone simply by knowing their name and face, into the human world in order to have relieve his boredom. The Death Note ends up in the city of Tokyo, where it is picked up by Light Yagami Who used it to create a land free of evil,and which leads him towards destruction.

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