“It’s not the world that’s messed up; it’s those of us in it” a epic quote from a Beautifully scripted story with a series full of stupendous actions and weeping emotions Tokyo Ghoul is indeed worthy of the intensive publicity it has been gaining in recent times. An action-horror genre full with innumerable thrillers is entertaining to watch and would surely value your time.

Tokyo Ghoul as the name suggest is about human feeding ghouls and their struggle for co-existence with humans. The city of Tokyo has been gravely affected by the actions of ghouls who look alike normal humans but can only survive feeding on human flesh.  These ghouls live among human population secretly without disclosing their identity in order to evade purist from authorities mainly known as Doves or CCG (commission of counter ghouls). These ghouls are on a whole a lot stronger than normal humans and cannot be hurt from ordinary piercing weapons. They carry special abilities and have at least one special predatory organ called a “Kagune”.

The story follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who was attacked by Rize Kamishiro, a ghoul who on their first date tries to kill Kaneki to appetite for food. Kaneki Barely survives the attack and is rushed to the hospital. In immediate need of organ transplant the doctor decides to transplant Mrs. Rize ,a ghouls organ into a human body of Ken Kaneki.  

Kaneki’s life now started to reshape with not being  able to consume human food as it tasted awful to his tongue. He later on realized that he was not hurt by sharp tools such as knife and was attracted towards the human blood scent which later on confirmed that he was now a half human half ghoul. Being benumb by the thought of becoming a ghoul he was totally downhearted and would ramble around streets trying to figure out a way to erase his thirst for human flesh which was manipulating him and this is when he meets Touka Kirishima, a ghoul and a waitress at “Anteiku” a coffee shop run by a Ghouls. The ghouls of Anteiku recruit Kaneki and teach him how to survive with his new life as a ghoul. They helped him with some of the daily struggles as a ghoul and also on how to keep his identity hidden from the doves.

The story then starts captivating with the arrival of new characters with strong ghouls starting to show up different places causing chaos and deaths of many innocents. A war between  ghouls and the humans breaks out in which both of having their reason to fight with and only Kaneki knowing  the suffering and problems faced by  both the races as he his one to have lived life both as a human and a ghoul.

The story is sure is stupendous with everything admirably planned. It illuminates the problem faced by different groups while co-existing with humans and is arguably one of the best stories available out there and with release of new season the story will surely provide us with answers which were puzzling the fans since the start of the series. You’ll should surely go watch it if u haven’t watched it yet.

Good luck!!!!


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