Anime is joy,romantic,and sometimes its heartouching and damn saddening.And today we will be presenting you the list of animes that will surely make you shed tears.

But there are hundreds of animes out there which could make you cry so why did we put only 3? You might think i am lazy!!But my friend the thing is we watched them all and we found that not everybody who watches those anime will cry.Very few percentage of people might shed a drop of tear watching any sad anime with sad background music.But not all of us.
To really make us shed a tear the story also should be damn depressing or damn saddening.And we found only 3 which could fullfill these criterias.
So here are our top three animes which will definitly make you cry.

1. Grave of the fireflies

This anime is unlike any other anime you’ve ever seen.It tells the story of two siblings and their struggle to survive in the harsh situation in the midst of World War 2.Looked pretty simple in the begining but quickly everything turns upside down in few minutes.With enemy soldiers destroying their home and country.They lost both Mom&Dad in the war.With every scene the story gets more depressing and hard to watch.If you have the courage to watch it then i challenge you that you’ll be having the toughest time in controlling your tears.

2.Clannad after story

This is the sequel of Clannad.And if you could handle clannad than you can also handle clannad after story(No you can’t).Unlike simple and predictable story of clannad.Clannad After story is quite unpredictable and is emotional roller coaster.It shows that “sometime its damn painful to live then to die”.The story is heartbreaking.Make sure to keep tissue paper before watching!!.

3.Anohana:The flower we saw that day

Story of six friends.And how they drifted away from each other after the death of one of their friend β€œMenma” , but she came back after 10 years just because of one promise she made to the Jintan` Mother. But she forgot what was the promise which led her friends to come back together and make her last wish come true so that she could pass on to heaven. It’s 11 episodes series and it is really Heart touching and tear-jerking.The death of Menma would definitly make you sad.And the story was quite successful in showing the pain and suffering caused by the death of Menma.My words are simply not enough to explain this anime. I would suggest you to watch it if you haven’t!

Note: we advice all the people who is going to attempt this daredevil stunt! Well i mean if you in case watch these anime.Please keep antidepressants with you.We heard some people went into depression after watching such tragic animes!.Good Luck!



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