Shippuuden (simply referred to as Shippuuden from herein), an anime adaptation of Masashi Kishimoto’s shounen manga Naruto. At the time of writing, I have watched 39 episodes of the series.

Two and a half years after Naruto has ended, Shippuuden picks up with fresh new characters and story arcs. Although the anime generally remains true to the manga, small fillers give the story an unnecessary drag. It’s somewhat amazing how, in some instances, 1 chapter can equal 2 or more episodes. However, I do find some fillers a pleasant addition to the general plot of the series.

The animation, in general, is good. Most of the time, you get decent to good animation. Other times, however, offer repetitive frames as well as poor cases of movement and facial expressions. In fact, some positions just looks so awkward. Nonetheless, I find it decent to watch.

The BGM is decent but it is incomparable to the amazing work of Toshio Masuda (main composer of Naruto). Emotions and moods aren’t expressed as clearly by the BGM. Sound effects are generally alright, so too is the voice acting.

Shippuuden, at least, captures the essence of the characters. I like how they’re generally portrayed. Evil characters are evil, good characters are good. What more can you ask for?

As a sequel, Shippuuden doesn’t match up to Naruto (that is, if you don’t consider all those fillers). As a separate entity, however, it’s a pretty decent anime. I’m pretty sure there’ll be mix comments on how people have enjoyed the series. I, for one, find it okay to watch.

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