Tokyo Ghoul:re

The Most awaited Tokyo Ghoul Season three is here and off to an interesting start . The first two episodes pleased the fans and are eager for other releases. The storyline now seems to be more aligned    with the original manga and anime storylines fans we’re certainly happy to be getting back to matters left dangling since season 1.


EP 1:

The first episode of Tokyo Ghoul season 3 has already been aired off.There is a drastic change of  kaneki’s character from ghoul to 1st grade investigator  Sasaki Haise along with  Kuramoto Ito and  Senior Investigators  Take Hirako,Akira Mado and Nobu Shimoguchi, Sasaki has already been positioned as a  Quinx Squad Member.

Currently Sasaki has 3 members in his quinx squad “Kuki Urie” the quinx squad captain,Ginzi Shirazu,Toru Mitutski . These 4 Investigators are dealing  with the taxi driver Torso’s case until a mysterious ghoul Orochi appears who is none other than Nishiki Nishio who was actually working with kaneki in  Anteiku and is targeting torso for gathering information and then killng him. Sasaki hereby accompanies his squad against Orochi or (serpent) and is trying to save his comrades!

Ep 2:

Tokyo ghoul re episode 2 comes with a bang. Sasaki Haise visits a coffee shop re: where he comes face to face with Touka Kirishima. It was a long time coming. It was surely the most touching moments of the fans when their  eyes met it  just brought back many old memories. The fan-favorite heroine was just seen in her grown up look and is sure to have made many of them to cry.

With the third episode to be released on 17th, april it is sure to endure us with more fascinating events.

What are your thoughts on TG3 .Do let us know in the comment section below!!!!





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