Name: Boa Hancock

Anime: One-Piece

Status: Warlord, Pirate Empress and Captain of KUJA PIRATES

Devil Fruit: Mero Mero No Mi

Date of Birth: September 2



The empress of “Amazon Lily” and the only female warlord Boa Hancock also known as Snake princess or Pirate Empress is arguably the most popular female character among fans. Boa Hancock is considered as the most beautiful women in one piece and is expected to be the pirate Queen alongside Future Pirate King “Monkey The Luffy”. She was first mentioned in the Thriller Bark Arc and the main antagonist in the Amazon Lily Arc.  She was the main reason for luffy reaching the marineford war and rescued luffy a number of times at the Marineford. Her current Bounty being 80,000,00 Beli (frozen).


Boa is very tall and has a long black tailed hair. Oda stated that Boa Hancock has the perfect body configuration than any other female characters in one piece and takes Oda a long period of time to draw her. She is often seen with her pet snake “Salome” which she uses as a weapon during fights. Boa Hancock also has a slave mark on her back which she always keeps a secret and is ready to terminate any outsiders who comes to know the Secret. Casually Boa is seen cute and beatifull but on the other hand when she is displeased Boa looks terrifying with her eyes blazing and teeth striped.

Boa hancock rules over Kuja Tribe with her younger sisters Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold.  She lives in the island of Amazon lily where no men are allowed to enter.

She possesses the power of Mero Mero No MI (love-love fruit) allowing her to attack opponents using emotions of lust and also her  the power of transforming anyone into stone. Boa’s fruit was fed to her by world-noble’s for entertainment purpose.

Apart from these Boa posses Haoshoku Haki (conquerors haki) which one in a million posses.She is also a user of Busoshoku Haki which when combined with her  tremendous physical strength intangible. She was easily able to cease Smoker during the Marineford war and was able do damage many Pacifistas which just reflects hancock’s  physical ability.

She initially is seen ill-humored and an outrageous person but later on is reviled to be sensitive and vulnerable who cares for her people .Later on she falls in love with luffy after visualizing his character and is now always ready to do anything for him.      


Boa hancock can be said as a cute and beautiful but not so weak character who is ready to do anything for hear dear ones. Her powers are sure to be increased after the time skip which is yet to be seen. She is a character who was alive before gold roger execution and I’m sure she has many important roles coming up. It will be interesting to see how Oda embeds Boa Hancock in the upcoming arcs.



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