The name blast will surely be quite unfamiliar to you as his name is only taken a few times in the anime series one punch man and he doesn’t appears in the series till date as for season 1.  His existence is unknown to anyone, or if so no one is aware of his power.


He is basically of the same size as saitama, he once appeared in OPM webcomics which was years back as per story when there was no hero association or any other heroes of known record, he is definitely not baldy as saitama a seen in the webcomics, predictable facts may be that he will be definitely smarter, devoted, passionate unlike saitama, put we don’t know his power, is his power is super strength, psychic power, cosmic power etc, no one knows.

Blast is mostly shrouded in mystery. Even the top cadres and the controllers of the Hero Association know very little about him and his current records, whereabouts are unknown. There is not even a single rumor of his activity, or he is waiting for his time to come. Whatever knowledge they have is full of intrigue and rumors. Even the public is ignorant on Blast.

As seen he has the same type of dress code as saitama, instead of some minor change, Unlike Saitama’s suit, there is a fiery contour around the zipper and both have a bit of similarity in appearance and faces, as if they have the same bloodline.



Blast is currently holding S Class Rank 1 hero, might be because of previous traces of his record, he has not possibly worked under the association and might have done his jobs on his basis and terms and condition,  and is “officially” the most powerful member of the Hero Association but till now, practically saitama outshines everyone with evidence. Even S Class heroes like Tatsumaki who ranks 2nd  and Child Emperor  who ranks 5th claims Blast like a God figure. No hero can defeat Blast as per their belief, Saitama possibly being the only known exception.



He known officially to be in top, there are rumors that he can defeat all S Class heroes. According to Fubuki, Blast has psychic powers and has armies consisting of billions of battle robots, this may be a rumor. Sitch mentioned that Blast would be required to stop a God level threat.  Blast words were “When the time comes, don’t go expecting someone come save you.” So you can calculate his level of power from all these.

He surely considers it as a hobby, he saved Tatsumaki in past and as per his saying he wanted others to be independent and do not depend on others, this might be the reason that he has not returned and also for the selfish and arrogant behavior  of  Tatsumaki, she really don’t like to take help from others and orders.

He will surely be powerful than boros and quite match saitama, that the greatest mystery, most belief him to be of same power or even low, but not more powerful than him.


It is obvious that Blast and Saitama are not the same you can see that by the age difference.  As mentioned in the story 18 years before the main storyline, Blast had rescued a 10 year old girl who was Tatsumaki from a monster and we know Tatsumaki is three years older than Saitama, so Saitama was about the age seven years when Blast was a super hero. So by now blast is about middle aged by now.

There may be a negligible percentage of fact that saitama is the son of blast, currently because we have never seen his family, but this chance is also reduced if we compare the age difference, also he may be some relative of saitama, like a cousin etc.

One cannot get the immense power only by doing exercise even to the exceptional level, this reason may be more valid than others that blast have given his powers to saitama, which he beliefs that he has worked up himself, we really don’t know the truth behind his power.



Except Tatsumaki, no other hero excluding some of the higher-ups of the association has ever even seen Blast. No one knows about his exploits. He is definitely not a fraud or rumors like some of the heroes.  Tatsumaki’s mentioned Blast hasn’t shown up for a few years after his last meet while he saved her. Despite Blast had not shown up for a long time, till now he is regarded as the most powerful and ranks top position at the Hero Association, which could only mean one thing that he has slain too many monsters that even were higher than the S Class standards, or he might have saved the earth from a god level threat which some are unaware except few.

He will surely not be seen in the second season, as his presence will be only seen if a god level threat comes, as claimed by the association. The reason may be that he basically uses his power as a hobby, unlike saitama, he is surely content of doing his job as a common citizen, also one reason may be that he doesn’t like to take orders of others, and may be a bit overconfident. You might see him in the third season may be.


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