Hey everyone!!! we are back again with a new anime series review. I would just like to jump straight away into this new anime!
So, hold down your device and get ready!!!!!!!!!!
So, I know you are very exited to this new anime series “BLACK CLOVER”, so am I. Now, talking about this new series I am getting a less or more “FAIRY TAIL” vibes from it. So, all the FAIRY TAIL fans jump right into it………
By, saying it has a FAIRY TAIL vibe into it , I mean it’s really not that near to it but also at the same time it’s not that far from the fairy tail story line…….. I mean you will get to see the main character or the protagonist of this series to be with a idiotic
behavior due to which everyone ignores him or you can say looks down on him but the power hidden within him is overwhelming!!! , which is for sure going to surprise everyone.

But you know it’s fun to see the main character to be in such a situation, I
mean when he shuts down everyone’s mouth by showing his actual power
which they were unable to notice all this time and all that kind of stuffs, blah!blah!blah!!!!
Talking about the story line its has similar features to FAIRY TAIL as I
mentioned before like you will be seeing characters in this series to be
forming teams just like the guilds in FAIRY TAIL , with just a simple
difference that here the teams are called MAGIC KNIGHTS which are
Controlled by the WIZARD KING, now anyone who is wondering what does
this MAGIC KNIGHTS do or what is this WIZARD KING and what does he do?
Sorry, I am not going into details . You should just know that they are the
hero kind of persons who protect the peoples from any danger. Now, the
peoples who are shouting!!! behind, why you are not going into details about
the characters and all that stuff ??? Come on! why am I going to SPOIL the
whole story by going into details. But believe me it works! It really works just fine!!!!

So, lets continue!!!
OK, so in the anime series you are going to find quite interesting things like
the hero with anti-magic powers(demon powers). Also, the things get very
interesting because unlike many anime series where the story behind the
bad guys or villains are not shown, you are going to see quite interesting
things as each and every villain will have quite interesting stories…. Now, lets get into a quick HIGHLIGHT of the story!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!! HIGHLIGHT of the STORY !!!!!!
The hero(ASTA) or heroes (ASTA and YUNO )of this story(why heroes rather
than a single hero ?because the story lays stress on the story development of
both the characters(heroes) simultaneously. ) belongs to a very backward
place. And lives in a old church with a father, sister and some other childrens. They(ASTA and YUNO) decides that they will be the WIZARD KING in order to
make their lives better than their current state….. [Note: WIZARD KING controls all other MAGIC KNIGHTS, so he is like the
And, so the journey of the epic heroes begins(towards the CLOVER
Later,they both join two different MAGIC KINGHTS groups(or whatever you
call it!) and does their dreams to become the WIZARD KING begins in
different ways from two different MAGIC KNIGHTS groups. [Wait! Wait! Wait!!! I forgot to tell you that ASTA and YUNO considers each
others not only as friends but also as each other’s RIVALS!! ]
And so on they starts going to different missions from their MAGIC KNIGHTS
Groups and the characters develops some new POWERS as the story
!!!!!! HIGHLIGHT of the STORY !!!!!!
Overall, the story is quite magnificent with amazing characters which are
going to stay in your hearts for sure…
Lets see what the series brings us more …….. I hope you liked my review and let’s
meet in another review!!!!
Thanks for Reading!!!



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